Let us all work together to
support, promote and preserve
the beautiful art of contortion
(Aims of the ICC as written down in Dresden on May 3, 1998)

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The ICC is a group of people who think that it is easier to get something done if we have a kind of "organization" supporting its members to work towards our common aims.

The idea to found this "connection" was brought up during the International Contortion Convention held in May 1998 in Dresden/Germany. The name "connection" was taken after a long discussion to show the character of this organization :

Now what is it all about -- and how can we change the world just by having this new organization ?

To support contortion : this means to support all performers, trainers and people working in this field - but also giving people interested in contortion the contacts and addresses where they may find the information and help they want. Supporting performers can be just giving them a platform to make contacts to other trainers or performers - but also to help them to obtain contracts and/or business contacts.

To promote contortion : by giving performers and trainers an organization to be based upon (one day) - working with media and other organizations to make contortion better known - and better respected in public.

To preserve contortion : collect and archive material concerning contortion and preserve it for future generations - pictures, movies, newspaper articles, books, training info etc. But itīs also important to make this accessible to the public nowadays - by publishing books or tapes about current and former performers or training issues.

Founding members of this group are (in no particular order) :

Ska von Schöning and Walter Kahl (Germany) -- Ilse and Walter Sangree (USA) -- Gerd Rasquin (Germany) -- David Fox (USA) -- to name just some of the more prominent out of more than 20 persons who want to take an ACTIVE part in this new organization.

Thereīs something that should be made clear from the very beginning: We all have the greatest respect for Ron Simpson and the ICS (International Contortion Society) he founded some years ago. Only by his work we are now in the situation to make this next step. We now need an organization working with the media and the newest technologies -- and we ALL need to work together to achieve our goals.

ICC project "Albana"

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Nov 12, 1998 - updated Oct 3, 1999 (now containing information about Albanaīs arrival in Germany)

Here is our first project - according to our first and second aim (to support and promote). We think itīs a GREAT start for this new organization because it has his roots in the first ICC (Convention) 1998 - just like the ICConnection.

So please check out our updated page about ICC project "Albana"

Please feel free to contact Ska ( ska@vnet.de ) or Klaus "Kalaus" Bischoff ( kalaus@aol.com) - telling us your opinion or your ideas.
Thank you

Ok - thatīs it for now. We will keep you updated on the project and the response to this page

P.S.: Please feel free to take the above banner "Supporting Albana" and put it on your websites - with a link to http://icc-convention.com/connection/albana.htm - or this ICConnection homepage at http://icc-convention.com/connection
Thank you for helping us !

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