Order form for official ICC 2003 DVD / VHS
Bestell-Formular für offizielle ICC 2003 DVD / VHS

Content: 2 shows (19 contortion acts + finale with Lorna Chester)

The price for the 2 DVD set or one VHS tape (total running time more than 160 min.) is 70 Euro - including all taxes and postage worldwide

Pay thru PayPal or open a free PayPal account to pay using your credit card (no additional fees)

Payments can also be made to the following account:

SHOWBIZ (W.Kahl) please mention "SHOWBIZ" as account owner!
Postbank Köln
51222 Köln / Germany
Account. No. 0259931504
BLZ ( Routing No.) 370 100 50
For foreign transfers there is a swift code: pbnkdeff370
International Banking No (IBAN): DE97 3701 0050 0259 9315 04

Cheques can also be sent to the following address:

SHOWBIZ Ska von Schöning (please mention "SHOWBIZ" as receiver of the cheque !
Postfach 1465
50354 Hürth /

Please mention your full name and city with your payment of 70 Euro and send this form with name, address and type of media !!


Please fill all address and eMail fields of the form.
Bitte alle Adress- und eMail-Felder komplett ausfüllen.

Please remember: only after sending this form (with address and media type) AND paying 70 Euro (using one of the options on the left) we will send the DVD set or tape to the above address.

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