( February 19, 2006 ) - International Contortion Convention 2006 news
Dear Friends,

we are now finally able to give you some more specific information and details in regards to the activities and conditions on participating at the ICC 2006.

As we were already mentioning in our first update, we will bring out a new concept, which will include more workshops covering many different facets and methods around stretching in general, contortion training, and even some choreography classes, specifically for our younger and semi professional attendees.

These are - so far - some of the workshops we will offer for stretching and contortion training :

We´ll be there : Vanessa & Alexis

- The Alexander Technique with Ken and Angela Thompson see:: http://www.essexalexanderschool.co.uk.
- Yoga Workshops with different teachers
Contortion Training by Ska von Schöning and her professional artists.

All workshops need to be inscribed for latest 2 weeks before the event

Now some more details concerning the Shows. We will have at least two - if not three - main shows.

We´ll be there : "Dance Extensions"

The first show will be a theme show performed by 13 to 15 young, very talented students of an uprising dance and contortion school in Pittsburgh/Pennsylvania named Dance Extensions.

This Art Performing Center -owned by B. Shuttleworth- has, over the recent years, been specializing in bringing the art of dance and contortion together in the most beautiful form. I -Ska- have had the pleasure to train and work with them since the beginning of 2005 and I can promise you a wonderful and exciting show. The troupe has won plenty of awards at numerous competitions in the United States.

On the 27th of September there will be the second Show featuring professional contortionists including Newcomers. Some of these Newcomers will have their first big stage performance. This is especially exciting, since many of these very talented artists will finally get the chance to be seen by a larger audience. I guess, there will be a quite intense and exciting ‘athmosphere’ backstage.....

In all those years - ever since we started the project of the International Contortion Convention and in which we have been so eager to promote the art - it seems we finally have a great breakthrough by being able to feature these brand-new Talents and Performers.

(More details including some background information on the performers will be published in the next updates)

As with all our recent International Contortion Conventions, we are also planning to invite some of the most famous contortionists of ‘former times’.

We are already in contact with some wonderful artists and we are confident to surprise you again with some big names and special little events around these performers.

We´ll be there : Philipp and Diana

I´ll be there : Macy

There will-however-be one new and -as we think-great activity going on all through the days of the event: An additional ‘side stage’!

This stage shall give those talents, who are still a bit too scared to enter the big stage, a platform to ‘train’ their performance, to show their talent, to get some feedback and to have fun!

This way they are not only left to watch everything happening, but they can actively participate in the event.

These little side stage shows will be offered several times per day during the whole run of the event.

Again we encourage all of you: If you know of some talent, which you consider should have a chance to participate at the ICC 2006, let us know. We do already have a great number of young people applying, but we are always open to suggestions.

Fees and registration

This year we will have a regular and an "early-bird" fee - and we will again offer a full "Convention + Shows package" as well as "Show only tickets". New - and part of the concept to encourage talents - is a reduced "Students fee".

The regular price for the full "Convention + Shows package" will be US$ 490,- This package includes all shows and activities during the event - even the workshops. (Note: there might be a few optional workshops for which we have to charge a small extra fee)

The "early bird" price for this package - only valid if registered and paid before June 30 - will be US$ 450,- So if you already know that you will attend -- please register early - help us planning - and save some money, too !

NEW ! - full "Convention + Shows package for students" (needs proof of a valid students ID and only up to 25 years of age) is US$ 250,- regular - or US$ 225,- if paid before June 30 (early-bird)

Please note: we will charge an extra 50 US$ for "last-minute bookings" after August 31 !!

"Show only Tickets" will be US$ 200,- and are valid only for the 2 or 3 main shows.

Details about the packages, options and extras will be announced later. In a few days (next week) we will have a registration form online here.

 Photo- and Videoshooting

Coming back to our favorite discussion topic before each International Contortion Convention, these will be the rules:

No photo or video shooting at all - at no times - never ever !!
Noooo - STOP - that´s a joke .....

I´ll be there : Alba

I´ll be there : Alexis

Attendants having a full "Convention + Shows package" will get the usual Photo- and Video pass, which will allow them to take pictures and videos at all times - excluding backstage and some  specified locations or conditions (i.e. artist does not want to be photographed during warm up).

Guests having "Show only tickets" are allowed to take pictures and videos only during the main shows (no side-stages, rehearsals or other convention activities)

Hotel Registration :

The hotel has prepared a special hotel registration form for our ICC guests. We will publish the link to this page shortly (next week).

In any case - please mention "SHOWBIZ / ICC 2006". Since we have special fares for this event, this is necessary to get the ICC room rate. The hotel will keep me (Ska) updated about the bookings.

So I guess that is all for now. If you have any questions, please contact us at any time :

Ska von Schöning ( ska@vnet.de ) or Klaus Bischoff.

Looking forward to meeting you ALL.
Warmest regards

Ska von Schöning

Event promoters: Ska von Schöning (Ska Showbiz) and Klaus Bischoff

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An attendant´s view
ICC2000 Gala finale

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ICC2000 Otgo in the gala

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ICC2000 Jonathan Nosan performing

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ICC98 Albana performing

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ICC2000 Daniel "Rubberboy" Smith performing

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ICC Josephine B. performing

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ICC Las Vegas casino posing

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ICC2000 Gala finale

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ICC2000 Otgo in the gala

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