( June 30, 2006 ) - International Contortion Convention 2006 news
Dear Friends,

Thank you all for the huge interest you have been showing in our ICC 2006 Contortion Convention Project.

I am sorry that you had to wait quite a while for this update but - as many of you know - we have been moving our offices, home and studio and the rest. It was much more work than expected and I have to apologize for not having been able to reply to all your mails and questions during this period.

This is the reason why we decided to extend the deadline for the Early Bird Fee - which is supposed to run out on June 30 - until July 15. Everybody who registers and pays the Convention fee by this date, is still allegeable for the reduced ICC Convention Fee.

Despite of all the hectique of the recent weeks things in regards to the event have been developing well. The amount of interest in the Convention from all sides is absolutely amazing. Especially for our young talents, it might be interesting to hear that several divisions form Cirque du Soleil and other big Cirque Production Teams have approached us and showed interest in attending the shows for talent scouting purposes. As always we will also invite agencies and press to follow our event. In the past this has been very favorable to some artists who appeared at our recent ICCs - such a Daniel Browning Smith  etc.

As we mentioned in our last ICC info we want to feature some new artists here. These artists will perform at the ICC and for some of them it will be their big stage debut.

I´ll be there : Stephanie

I´ll be there : Stephanie


This young Lady is very special to me. I met her the first time in January this year. She had recently moved from the New York area to Las Vegas in search of a contortion coach. We met and started to work together more or less ‘right away’. What an ambitious young Lady! Very focused and prepared to give her everything to make her dream come true : As she puts it in her own words, she wants “to work as a theatrical and artistic performer” as “these performances will utilize and develop education, ability experience, and offer professional growth”. To me that is a wonderful way to describe the self-occupation with the art of contortion!

Stephanie has a very smart and gentle personality, which is very attractive to be around with. She works as a nurse and puts all her extra time into pursuing her dreams.

She has appeared on various TV Shows (i.e. Ed Bernstein) and has been one of the Assistant Yoga Instructors of the famous Cirque du Soleil Show ‘Zumanity’ in Las Vegas. Yoga is another ‘hobby’ of hers.

Andre Luiz

A couple of months ago I was approached by a young man called Andre Bahia, who told me, that his biggest dream is to perform at the ICC 2006. Well we do get a lot of similar mails and it is very difficult to decide whom to take ..(so to say).

But I guess this young gentleman is really amazing and I am now trying to raise some money for him - so he can join us at the event.

I had the pleasure to see a DVD of his performance recently and I can assure you that the photos we attach here don’t even tell half of the story.

If at all possible I really will and want to make it possible for Andre to perform in Vegas.

I´ll be there : Andre

I´ll be there : Andre


I already received some sponsoring money from our wonderful friend Glen Holman, who is not only helping us with Andre, but also with other lady contortionists for whom we need some sponsoring money in order to pay air fares. ‘Glenny’ has always been so very supportive towards the art of contortion! Thank you sweet Glenny !

As usual, the costs for organizing this non-profit event are very high and it is a huge challenge for me - every time - to make ends meet. Without the help of people like Klaus Bischoff, who not only ‘sponsors’ us with all the free work hours which he puts into our project - but also with money and the help of many other friends I would not be able to put this event together again.

Here I also have to mention our close friend Bill Calhoun, who very generously sponsored the airfare ticket for Carola Casselly from Germany to Las Vegas ! Thank you Bill !

Traveling expenses are always a huge burden on our ICC budget and we will gratefully accept any help we can get to sponsor some of the artists performing.


Many of you will remember Helena who performed her act ‘Josephine B.’ at the ICC 2000 in Las Vegas and ‘Elaine’ at the ICC 2003 in Cologne.

This summer she will finally finish her education as a professional dancer at the Cologne Dance Academy. Her dream for the future is to work as a dancer and contortionist, which she never lost her love and fascination for. Throughout her work with the dance academy, she continued to work as a contortionist in our SHOWBIZ productions and she is very eager not to miss this year’s event.

Hotel reservation and room rates

We have been informed by some friends, that the ‘special deal’ we
have with the Sams Hotel for the ICC rooms is - at this point - more
expensive than room rates when booked online using hotel reservation websites. I immediately contacted the hotel. Their explanation is that they fix the ICC rate until the end of August. If regular hotel rates will go up, we still get the cheaper ICC rate.

I could not convince them to reduce the ICC room rate more than
approx. 6 US$. I can assure you that we - the ICC organization - are not making any money with the rooms. My suggestion therefore is that when you book your hotel room, please check both rates and take the better one. I can still cancel rooms until August if necessary - so it is perfectly ok  to book your room at Sams Town without mentioning the ICC.

"May I serve you ?" : Helena

We will be there : Dance Extensions

Workshop details

Regarding more details about the workshops : I -Ska- will be in Vegas from the end of July on - in order to finalize everything for the event on location.

 It is difficult to arrange all the details being so far away in Europe right now.

In August we will give you a more detailed schedule regarding the workshops and other activities. We would then appreciate if you signed in for the workshops you are interested in before your arrival in Vegas.

We are expecting huge interest in the contortion workshops - since
we will have a lot of young talents there who are still trying to learn more about training and presentation. We might also need extra rooms in the hotel for these workshops. The sooner we know who and what to expect -  the better we can plan.

Warmest regards to all of you!
Ska von Schöning

Your ICC 2006 Team :
Ska von Schöning
ska @ vnet.de / skasy2 @ mac.com
Klaus Bischoff
kalaus @ aol.com

I´ll be there : Ashley

Here are again some collectors pics for you :

Collectors pic: Raven Merle

Collectors pic: Diane and Archie Bennett

Event promoters: Ska von Schöning (Ska Showbiz) and Klaus Bischoff

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An attendant´s view
ICC2000 Gala finale

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ICC2000 Otgo in the gala

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ICC2000 Jonathan Nosan performing

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ICC98 Albana performing

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ICC2000 Daniel "Rubberboy" Smith performing

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ICC Josephine B. performing

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ICC Las Vegas casino posing

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ICC2000 Gala finale

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ICC2000 Otgo in the gala

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