( August 3, 2006 ) - International Contortion Convention 2006 news

Dear Friends,


I finally arrived in Las Vegas to start the countdown in preparing the ICC 2006.


We are now able to give you more details in regards to the schedule and activities during the event :


Keeping the tradition of the last ICCs we will start with an informal Get-together at a conference room which we booked throughout the event at our ICC Hotel. This will be at 10 am on the 26th of September 2006.

Around 12 pm we will start our ‘Contortion Market’ at the big Theatre Room called 'Sams Town Live !'. There we will offer various activities and opportunities to enjoy everything around flexibility and contortion.

This includes stands with contortion memorabilia, two side stages for artists giving little performances throughout the event, yoga, contortion and choreography workshops, Q & A panels to meet Artists and Talents etc….

For advanced students and participants of the ICC we will offer Yoga and contortion workshops in a separate - more concluded - environment. Please apply for these workshops latest 14 days before the event !

We´ll be there : The Mystic Pixies

I´ll be there : Sasha

At around 4 pm we will start the rehearsals for the show of the 26th - and from 7 to 9 pm it is ...



On the 27th of September the activities of the 'Contortion Market' will continue - and more artists will be presented on our side stages. Again several workshops will be offered throughout the day - until the rehearsals for the show start.


The rehearsals for the second show will begin earlier - due to the number of acts in the show.

The second show in the evening will - of course - be the highlight of the day - showing more contortion acts than you have ever seen in one single show.


On the 28th of September we will - first of all - chill out, watch some final presentations - and get the possibility of an in-depth question and answer panel with professionals, talents and people from the business about all aspects of contortion.

This is the general concept so far. Be assured - this will be the most exciting ICC we ever had !


Now there´s some great news in regards to our show schedule :

We have been able to add a few more great performing artists and names to our show list ...


The Mystic Pixies will join us and perform in one of our shows. Famous Otgo Waller, Enkhee  (Tumendelger) and - lovely, lovely - Angelique - (both former Cirque du Soleil) will put together a special presentation and perform for us at the ICC.

We´ll be there : The Mystic Pixies

I´ll be there : Alexis

We will publish a detailed list of Artists who are performing in our shows shortly.


This is all so exciting ! I can’t wait to meet you all there again.


Warmest regards,


Ska von Schöning


If you have any questions, please contact us at any time :

Your ICC 2006 Team :
Ska von Schöning
ska @ vnet.de / skasy2 @ mac.com
Klaus Bischoff
kalaus @ aol.com






Here are again some collectors pics for you :

 Val Kishan

Marion Casi

Meribeth Old

Collectors pics from the 'Ralph Samuels Collection' - kindly granted to us by our friend Colin Strover

Event promoters: Ska von Schöning (Ska Showbiz) and Klaus Bischoff

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An attendant´s view
ICC2000 Gala finale

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ICC2000 Otgo in the gala

icclogo2.gif (3038 Byte)

ICC2000 Jonathan Nosan performing

icclogo2.gif (3038 Byte)

ICC98 Albana performing

icclogo2.gif (3038 Byte)

ICC2000 Daniel "Rubberboy" Smith performing

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ICC Josephine B. performing

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ICC Las Vegas casino posing

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some of the pictures copyright by Jim Pickles

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