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I hope you all are well. As you all can imagine - things are rather busy here in Vegas right now. The news of our convention has already spread widely. So many interesting people are approaching us daily and the media is already knocking at our door with requests for interviews and featuring stories around this convention. This is great because it will give our lovely performing artists and new talents a nice platform to show and represent themselves.


With this update we want to - as we always do - feature in more detail another wonderful young talent and artist who will perform in one of our shows at the ICC 2006.




Sasha never had any real intention of being a contortionist. Originally she was focusing on being a gymnast. When she was 7 years her parents moved to Atlantic City, New Jersey for work. There she met some Mongolian contortionists who saw her extraordinary flexibility and they asked her mom if she ever considered SASHA becoming a contortionist. This is how it all started.

When SASHA and her parents moved to Las Vegas, Nevada (her parents are also performing artists !), they searched for a good trainer for SASHA and found famous Cirque du Soleil coach ANGELIQUE (who will also do workshops at the ICC 2006).

I´ll be there : Sasha

Collectors pic: one of the Field Sisters

SASHA is now already performing with great success all over the United States, but continues to train with Angelique. As she puts it so beautifully: “I will continue to grow, thanks to my only true teachers: my Mom and Angelique. I would say that I owe all my success that I have now and all the success that is coming up to both of them”.


Click here for a short clip of her work


We are presently putting a detailed list of performers for our shows together. I will publish this within the next few days.


I think it is about time to mention some of the wonderful people who are supporting and sponsoring our Convention this year.


First my never ending gratitude goes to Klaus Bischoff, my friend and partner in this venture since the first Convention in 1998. As I mentioned often before, I cannot imagine having succeeded in my dream of putting such an event as the ICCs together without him. His support on the organizing, sponsoring and emotional side has been tremendous throughout the years. THANK YOU KLAUS FOR ALL YOU DID FOR ME AND FOR US ALL !

Then I have to mention my wonderful friends Glen Holman, Bill Calhoun, David Fox, Simon Crisp who have contributed vastly to our ICC project - both by sponsoring considerable amounts of money towards flight tickets for artists from abroad - but also by helping and supporting me with their time, friendship, love and understanding for many years. THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH MY FRIENDS !

And obviously I want to thank all our amazing and wonderful artists who will perform for us without taking a  fee. YOU MAKE THIS CONVENTION HAPPEN ! All I can hope is that - like it happende so many times in the past - this convention will give you a great opportunity to promote yourself and be promoted by us - as part of a little payback for your efforts and and support !


The same applies to all the lovely people, who will hold workshops and presentations. We thank you and admire you for all you do for the art of contortion and thus for US.


This is all for now. Next update very soon. Promise !


Warmest regards,



If you have any questions, please contact us at any time:

Your ICC 2006 Team :

Ska von Schöning
ska @ vnet.de -
or- skasy2 @ mac.com

Klaus Bischoff
kalaus @ aol.com

Collectors pic: Laura Guerrero

Event promoters: Ska von Schöning (Ska Showbiz) and Klaus Bischoff

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ICC2000 Otgo in the gala

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ICC2000 Jonathan Nosan performing

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ICC98 Albana performing

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ICC2000 Daniel "Rubberboy" Smith performing

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ICC Josephine B. performing

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