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We guess you all have been waiting for some updates on our event. Thank you for your patience.

It looks like this event -again- is getting bigger than we originally thought. We have numerous registrations and are expecting to see a lot of great talent from starters and those who are now moving towards a more professional career. This will be very exciting.

We also have the pleasure to announce that there will be a team of National Geographic Television covering our event. 

And as we already told you a Cirque du Soleil Talent Scout will be attending the ICC 2009. This is their message to you :

Cirque du Soleil is seeking new talent for its current shows and upcoming creations and will be present at the 5th International Contortion Convention in Las Vegas. The Cirque du Soleil Casting team is continually on the lookout for talented artists and athletes. They search the globe for outstanding performers who are ready to embark on a new adventure. Cirque du Soleil has over 15 contortionist roles at the moment. Come meet their Talent Scout Lisa Jones to learn more on the career opportunities at Cirque du Soleil.

Ska will be coming to Vegas in the middle of July. We will then send all participants proposals and schedules for workshops etc. In the meantime we would like to ask all participants with definite bookings to confirm their registration by payment of the registration fee. We will handle the workshops separately if and when you have decided, which workshop you are taking.

In order to make payments more easy for you, we have created a PayPal account. It will make things easier for all of us. If you don't have a paypal account yet you can create one by clicking onto this page (PayPal).

Katarina - student of Betsy Shuttleworth

Nina - student of Gerd Rasquin

Please make your PayPal payments to : skasy2@me.com - referring to the ICC 2009.

Please make sure you register as soon as possible in order to secure your participation in the event. We have deadlines with the hotel showroom and convention space which we will have to meet within the next few weeks to ensure sufficient space and rooms which are held for our event.

If you have any question or need any support, please feel free to contact me (Ska von Schöning) directly at ANY TIME: ska@vnet.de

More coming soon ...

Your ICC team

Ska and Klaus

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Event promoters: Ska von Schöning (Ska Showbiz) and Klaus Bischoff

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ICC2000 Otgo in the gala

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ICC Josephine B. performing

some of the pictures copyright by Jim Pickles

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