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We are very happy to announce, that the amazing contortionist, dancer and model Nina Burri will be participating and performing at the ICC 2011.

Nina has just become the runner up at the Swiss TV & Talent Show ‘Schweizer Talente’ which is the equivalent to the ‘American Idol’.


Nina started her career as a dancer and model. Both with big international success. For 3 years she danced at the world famous Moulin Rouge in Paris, where she will be returning this fall, but this time with her contortion show. She has been featured in numerous magazines (such as Vogue) and worked with renown fashion designers.


No need to tell, that we are very happy to welcome her at our event.

Nina Burri


Some of you might remember Sasha from our last ICC 2009. She won the 1st prize in our competition and has added even more amazing effects and difficult acrobatic highlights to her show, such as the arrow and bow.


This young talent has now become a beautiful young lady and is performing all over the globe.


We are very pleased, that she has made a commitment to also perform at our main Gala-Event on August 31, 2011.

This is all for today, dear friends. As you can see we are working hard to putting another nice and exiting event together again. Please do not forget to make your early bookings. Not only does it give you several advantages, but it also makes it a bit easier for us to organize everything in the best way for you!


Warmest regards

Ska von Schöning


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Event promoters: Ska von Schöning (Ska Showbiz) and Klaus Bischoff

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