Stories from the event (part 2 - Oct 2004)

Dear Friends, here we go again. It's time for the next ICC Update...

David Fox and his student Sonia (USA)
David Fox - our internationally renown trainer and friend of contortion- has been preparing a documentation of his speech, which he delivered at the ICC 2003. We would like to share this very interesting documentation about contortion with you here again :

Click here to view an excerpt of David´s presentation

Most of you have -most probably- already heard of and saw some photo material of David’s beautiful little student and young talent SONIA. David prepared an extra special page with phtos and background information of this lovely girl, which you will be able to view here:

It is specifically wonderful, because of Sonia's personal touch and comments to it. Click here to view Sonia´s page.

Thank you David. You are a big heart, not only in contortion but also in life. You are so enthusiastic, so giving and real and it was such a big pleasure for all of us to see sweet Sonia performing at our event. (We will show Sonia’s clip of her performance in another update here later).

One more word about David Fox. David has been accompanying us on our ICC venture ever since the first one in 1998. He joined us in Dresden, Las Vegas and Cologne and always contributed actively and generously to the successful outcome of all the 3 events.

For the ICC 2003, he did not only bring Sonia so we could admire his work as a trainer –as in 1998-, but he also CREATED AND SPONSORED the beautiful and ever so special medals and certificates, which we were able to present to all performing participants after our shows.
These medals were HIGHLY APPRECIATED by all our artists and they took them home with so much pride.

David, how can we, how can I thank you for all your efforts, for your support, for your loyalty and friendship. It is for people like you, that contortion became and is such a reputeable and accepted art of performance again!

Another dear friend of ours, who has been with us to celebrate the art of contortion ever since the first International Contortion Convention is Jim Pickles.

It is always such a delight to meet him, to speak with him and share his most interesting views and knowledge of the subject. I consider myself lucky to know people like Jim and David and many more -who we will have the pleasure to introduce to you in our next updates-. These people –to me- seem to form a special bond, a ’family background’, a base of understanding, friendship, giving and sharing, which never seems to cease. Their support and loyalty seems so natural and normal, something one can always count on.

Jim’s input at the last ICC was more active and with more involvement than in the past. I had the feeling, that he had grown more into and got deeper and more self confident, sharing his vast knowledge of any kind of body flexibility with us. (It is funny to say this, considering that Jim is such a highly educated and succesfull person...). But that is, how it seemed to me.

His presentation and practical course, which some of our ICC attendees joined, was most interesting and very appreciated by all of us. Click here to download a PDF file of Jim´s presentation about the "Pre-Exhaustion method" (size 236 KB)


4 Casselly Girls - ICC performance
(WARNING ! Big file ! Please Right-Click on the picture to download ONCE - to save bandwidth. Thank you)
(Windows Media File, 24.4 MB, 8:00 min)
(Oct.17:Thanks to George for hosting the file from now on)

The video we are publishing in this update covers the performance of the 4 Casselly Girls.
Most of you will know, that Jonny (yes it is spelled like this) Casselly Circus in Germany means and represents First Class Entertainment.

Although being a 'little' family circus, they present a show more variable than many Vegas Shows. Not only are they the most professional and creative people, they are also the kindest people imaginable. I have been working with them for more than ten years and it always was a delight.

Jonny and Maria Casselly supplied us with one of their Chapiteaus for our ICC event. Not only that: we also had the pleasure to admire their lovely girls. 4 sisters ! performing contortion. For us insiders, it was something more..., more wonderful than usual : One of the baby sisters to Carola and Stefanie -Romina- had just recovered from a nasty brain tumour and it was one of her first performances after her massive surgery. For me it was like a miracle coming to life, because I had been involved in a long fund raising struggle for Romina's operation and medical care and I was sooo proud of her being back, being on stage again.

Because, that is, what she loves! Again I want to thank our friends at the ICC, who also sponsered us in our 'Romina project'. And I want to thank the Casselly family for their friendship, their trust and love they extended to me and my family, to Klaus -who I am sure will agree with all said above and who always supported me- and many others. The Casselly family wrote history in contortion, first.... when little Carola entered the stage….!

Little side story: Billy (who is Billly?) was ready to give everything just to just to be close to Carola... And he totally enjoyed the German cake, served by her. Who would blame him?

Well, I guess, that is all for now. We hope you enjoy this update.

Best personal regards from
Ska & Klaus

P.S. The DVD set (2 DVDs or 1 VHS tape) is now available to order here.

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some of the pictures copyright by Jim Pickles or Simon Crisp

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