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Dear Friends,


we are happy to announce some new developments artists and events for our next ICC 2011. Today we are presenting some ‘new faces’ and artists who will join us and perform in in the Gala Shows at our convention.

One of them will be Mim Conyers from New Zealand. Mim’s passion in circus first came at the age of 11 when she left artistic gymnastics and became involved with Seed Circus. She trained and performed in various artistic genres, such as trapeze, hand balancing and contortion. At the age of 16, Mim traveled to Turku, Finland as a youth ambassador and trained at the Turku University of Applied Sciences, in the Circus Arts program. After Turku she returned to her original circus family - traveling and working with Seed Circus. Mim moved to New Zealand in 2010 and completed a Diploma in Circus Arts.


Her specialties include Contortion, Hand-Balance, Aerial Straps, Aerial Chains, Double Web, Dance and Adagio. We are so happy to be able to unite and present such lovely young talents from all over the world. This is a good occasion to extend a special THANK YOU to all of our artists and participants who make this happen !!

Mim Conyers

Julia aka Zlata
In one of our earlier updates we mentioned that we will offer personal photosessions with some artists such as Julia aka Zlata, Nina, Jana and other artists who are interested in standing model for these shoots. We will be attaching a registration form to this website within a few days - so everyone who is interested can register for them. It is important to book early, since the artists can only do a limited number of sessions per day. So - if you are interested - make sure you register as soon as possible.

Talking about these fees for extra activities - we would like to explain a few things to you. We have been asked why there is a general attendance fee and extra fees for some additional activities on top. There is an easy explanation.

The general registration fee covers such costs as booking the show room and convention rooms. It also covers the costs (flight and hotel accommodation etc..) for some of our professional artists who are happy to perform for us in our Gala Shows free of charge but we need to pay for their expenses. Please consider that these artists are not only performing free of charge for us - but are also taking extra time out of their busy schedules missing other jobs they could take during this time. So we really are very grateful to all of them. However - and in order to compensate for their financial losses on a small scale - we organize these photoshoots - so they can at least earn a little money as a compensation.

As most of you know, we are and always have been promoting new talents. This is one of the prime goals of our conventions. Some of these young talents also need some financial support, which we provide for them. This is only a little insight information for those who might have been wondering about the frame of our financial calculations to put this event together.

Another most interesting workshop we are offering is the workshop with Frederick and Jana. They will be doing several workshops demonstrating active partner stretching with Jana as a model. Both will be available for Q & A during their sessions. We thought this might be an interesting workshop in the kind we have not offered before. But we feel, that there might be a big interest in a specific workshop like this - especially for those who like to learn more about the dynamics of partner stretching. Photos can be taken during this workshop.

One more thing for today : Cirque du Soleil has kindly agreed again to offer special show ticket fares for our participants. Below you will find the deals they offer. If you have any questions - please contact the phone number as stated in their offer

As we already mentioned before, there will also be several delegates from Cirque du Soleil following the activities during our convention looking for talents for their shows. Several TV-Stations and other media have also already shown interest in covering our event.

Jana and Frederick - active partner stretching

Adagio act by Jana and Frederick

Julia aka Zlata

More coming soon ! Warmest regards,

Ska von Schöning


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Event promoters: Ska von Schöning (Ska Showbiz) and Klaus Bischoff

ICC2000 Jonathan Nosan performing

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ICC Josephine B. performing

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ICC98 Albana performing

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ICC2000 Daniel "Rubberboy" Smith performing

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ICC Las Vegas casino posing

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ICC2000 Otgo in the gala

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ICC Josephine B. performing

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