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Dear Friends,


First of all, we have to make a sad announcement: The US Immigration Services in Berlin have declined Julia’s visa for entering the United States. Personally, I am very surprised and I cannot quite understand why. We totally assumed she would get the visa and we are rather disappointed. But there is nothing we can do…..


But -of course- we also have some very good and exciting news : Some of you might be familiar with
Leslie Kaminoff
- the very well known yoga and body work educator and author of several books on the subject of physical education and yoga. We are very happy, that we could convince him to come to the ICC to hold lectures and workshops for us.


Leslie’s work and lectures are most valuable, not only for people who are involved in yoga, but to everyone interested in stretching and flexibility. His lectures should also be very informative for other trainers, for our parents accompanying our young talents and obviously for all our participants in general. For those who have not heard about him yet - here is some information :

Leslie Kaminoff is a yoga educator inspired by the tradition of T.K.V. Desikachar. He is an Internationally recognized specialist with thirty years’ experience in the fields of yoga, breath anatomy and bodywork. He has led workshops for many of the leading yoga associations, schools and training programs in America.

Leslie currently practices in New York City and Great Barrington, Massachusetts. He is the founder of the yoga blog “e-Sutra” and “The Breathing Project” - a New York City yoga studio dedicated to the teaching of individualized, breath-centered yoga. Leslie teaches The Breathing Project's unique year-long course in yoga anatomy, and is the co-author, with Amy Matthews, of the bestselling book, “Yoga Anatomy” published by Human Kinetics. He also teaches The Breathing Project's unique year-long course in yoga anatomy, which is now available online to a world-wide audience.

Leslie has also released two innovative instructional products: The Human Kinetics DVD "Breath-Centered Yoga with Leslie Kaminoff" and the Sounds True Audio CD "Freeing the Breath - Health, Relaxation and Clarity Through Better Breathing."

Leslie Kaminoff

We would like to draw your attention once again to the amazing workshop opportunities we are offering this year to students as well as to our adult participants. Never before did we have such a variety in offers for workshops :
Jonathan Nosan
Leslie Kaminoff (Yoga & physical education)
Karen Rudiger (The Rudiger Method)
Rick & Jana (practical demonstrations and partner contortion)

For our students :
Gerd Rasquin

David Fox
Angelique & Enkhee (Mongolian Style)

Then we have all the other workshops, lectures and individual photo sessions ! For anyone interested in the subject of flexibility and contortion this is the chance of a lifetime to learn and see everything connected to this art and physical education. Please make sure that you plan your event ahead and book your workshops in advance. Otherwise it might get difficult to meet with all the last minute requests. Here you will find a form you can use for your bookings and schedule for the ICC: ( LINK )

With this update we would specifically like to introduce some of our young artists who will be performing on stage for you.

As in the recent years Betsy Shuttleworth from the Dance Extensions & Performing Arts Center in Canonsburg PA will be bringing some of her talents to the ICC.

ALEXIS : Amazing how time flies and what a huge metamorphosis in only a couple of years this young artist has gone through. It looks as if Alexis has truly followed her call to become a professional artist. The progress she made in the recent years is amazing. She has turned from a fine young talent into a very beautiful and elegant Lady.



BAILEY : Bailey’s dream is to become a professional acrobat one day and she does not cease to work hard for her goal. She has become a very beautiful young artist who knows how to combine her acrobatic and her great dance talent to create a lovely show, which she will perform for us.

ASHLEY: When I met Ashley the first time, she was a little girl, who just started practicing contortion. I was immediately taken by her talent, her great flexibility and her endurance and strength. Now she turned into a beautiful young Lady and contortion artist. Fortunately she also stayed with the art and we will be able to see her new show, which she specifically created for our event.

Angela & Ysbella will perform a new Duo Contortion Show. These two young Ladies are also coming from the ‘talent pool’ of Betsy Shuttleworth. It is nice to see how Betsy is able to find and create new talent and to keep, promote and develop this talent with her students over many years. It is a big compliment to a trainer to find her students staying with the art and her work for so many years. It means a lot of hard work to keep up such interest in and to be able to accompany their acrobatic career for so many years.

Ali, Emily and Jill from Releve Dance Center in Bayport, New York. In 2007 the Studio added Contortion to their Acrobatics program. The girls who will be performing at the Gala show this year have shared great success at regional performing arts competitions & shows under the direction of their instructor Charlyn DiLorenzo.

Charlyn began her training at the age of 11 and never stopped. She has studied acrobatics under the direction of former Rockette Frances Landrum, "circus strongman" Ted Magnum and 1976 Olympic hopeful, Dennis Bastian, at Landrum School of Dance in Queens.



Charlyn DiLorenzo

Miss Charlyn is affiliated with Antigravity Dance & Gymnastics Co. - a terrific talent company who promotes dancers and gymnasts and also perform themselves (many of her students are also affiliated with Antigravity for possible work in commercials, ads, off-Broadway, etc).

She began her teaching career in 1980 at the age of 17 as a student acro teacher at Landrum School of Dance in Queens and continued her career teaching at various studios in Queens. Charlyn has been teaching at Releve Dance Centre since 2003 where she has built a successful acro program.



In our next update we will also give you more information on other professional artists performing in our main Gala Show. There is still a lot to come and to look forward to !

Angela & Ysbella

Ali & Emily

Ali & Emily


More coming soon ! Warmest regards,

Ska von Schöning


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Event promoters: Ska von Schöning (Ska Showbiz) and Klaus Bischoff

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