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work of VJPablo

We have been getting some interesting offers from various people during and around the ICC 2009.

Cirque du Soleil has been kind enough to offer special rates for some of their shows to our ICC participants. These offers include the following Shows:

BeLieve. KA, Zumanity (for adults only) and Mystere

The deductions will vary between 15 to 35%. Here is a PDF document  with more detailed information and ready for you to book your shows at your own convenience

Our friend Betsy Shuttleworth is presently working on getting ICC 2009 T-Shirts done. Thank you Betsy, it is very much appreciated!

In order to make sure, that we have enough shirts available for you, we ask you to contact Betsy directly for ordering your shirts. Please mail Betsy at: starcreator@verizon.net


We are delighted to tell you, that our friend Karen Rudiger is joining us at our event and will be available for workshops and classes or general consultation during the ICC. For those, who have not met her at our last ICC in Vegas we are attaching some additional information below.

I can only strongly encourage our coaches and parents to take the opportunity to speak to Karen whilst at the convention. Her methods and advice are truly very valuable and most interesting. Again it would be nice -for our planning and scheduling the event- if you let us know some time in advance, if you want to fix a meeting or class with Karen. These consultations are free and we cannot thank Karen enough for her kind assistance !

Karen Rudiger is an Athlete, Teacher, Writer, and Advocate for Body Education, Researcher in Functional Anatomy, Biomechanics and Creative Science. Karen is the founder of the RudigerMethod: the new paradigm of functional anatomy advancing the science of physical education through new standards, principles and exercise techniques to balance, build and measure functional body aptitude and take the guess work out diagnosing the unbalances that cause of injury.

The RudigerMethod is a universal exercise methodology for all age levels and all skill levels starting from beginner and rehabilitation levels into the advanced stages of flexible articulation, strength and balance.

Karen knows the importance of developing "Muscle Function", as being a foundation necessary for a child's physical development, correcting postural unbalance, healing injury and balancing the aesthetics of body symmetry. The level of development attained in a muscular system determines an individual’s level of agility and ability to learn motor skills and balance the body in the proper posture for any activity.


Karens biography in her own words

Karen Rudiger

work of VJPablo

work of VJPablo


I was recently approached by a very creative and talented artist and photographer called VJ Pablo. He is located in Las Vegas and we met so he could introduce his work to me. I was honestly impressed. On this page you will find some images of VJ.

I have invited him to come to the convention and to offer photo shoots to our participants. As you can see his art is rather elaborate in setting everything up and producing images as shown here.

Therefore it would be useful to get some feedback from you, especially if any of you are interested to have some of your students/children photographed by VJ. At this point I have to wait for a feedback from you, so I can speak to VJ in more detail about more facts and conditions. I just thought that it might be really interesting to have such an interesting artist and his work being introduced to you.

Let me know what you think.


Here is another very attractive item on our agenda which we can offer to our participants :

Mr Nick Haymes is a famous New York City based artist and fashion photographer who has photographed portraits and stories for leading magazines within the art and fashion worlds (Vogue, New York Times, Teen Vogue among others). Having published several books, the contortionism project will be published next year and displayed in galleries worldwide. He will be with us and is searching for contortion models, who are interested in having their photos taken by him. He will be happy to offer some of his shooting material to us and to our students. This might be a very rare chance to be photographed by such an exquisite and well known photographer.

Again, please let us know, if and when you are interested in taking this chance. Here are some links to Mr. Haymes work who is also one of the photographers of teenVogue : Link 1, Link 2, Link 3  

work of VJPablo

work of VJPablo

Last, but not least: You have already heard that the National Geographic Magazine is covering the ICC 2009. For your general information, we are attaching a release form herewith, which everyone will have to sign - unless they do not want to be in this program. We will have these forms ready for you when you come.So there is no need for you to print it our yet. It is only important, that you know that we did and will allow National Geographics to film the event. ( Link to Release form )

This is all for now. As you can see - we will have a lot of most interesting things to offer to you. This is all very exciting !!

And please remember the registration and payment deadline : August 15, 2009

All the best from your ICC team

Ska and Klaus

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Event promoters: Ska von Schöning (Ska Showbiz) and Klaus Bischoff

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ICC2000 Otgo in the gala

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ICC Josephine B. performing

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