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 students of the EOA studio

On September 1, 09 at 6 pm the EOA EXTRAORDINARY ARCH STUDIO with Angelique, Otgo and Enkhee will present their studio and work to our parents and students.

Most of you already know that this 'Trio' owns a studio in Las Vegas specializing in contortion training.

Some of their students have already been successfully working in various productions of Cirque du Soleil and other venues.

We are very happy that they offered to do this special show and presentation with their students for us. It will be a nice highlight during our convention and we can only recommend that you take this great opportunity to watch it.

The presentation/show will take place in the PINTA CONFERENCE ROOM. Angelique, Otgo and Enkhee will be available for any questions you might have about their work and studio after the presentation.

All photos on this update show students and the trainers of the EAO Studio.

Warmest regards from your ICC team

Ska and Klaus








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Event promoters: Ska von Schöning (Ska Showbiz) and Klaus Bischoff

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ICC2000 Otgo in the gala

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ICC Las Vegas casino posing

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